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A Musician in the Making

Listen to this piano piece composed by our very own Dexter! Doodling with Music Anyone want to write some lyrics??? Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Dexter! Read full article »


Activate your schema: what is a GOAL? In your opinion, are goals important or unimportant? How do you know when you've ACHIEVED a goal? How does it make you FEEL when you have met your goal, or not even come close? Please take a few minutes to add your ideas to this GoogleDoc. We will use your ideas as a starting point when brainstorming Read full article »

Blogs to Check Out

Here are ten blogs written by kids. Check them out this week and think about their purposes. Observe the features, the perspectives, the intended audiences and the things they are doing to be creative media literate young people. Can you get any ideas for your own blog??? Can you recommend any kid bloggers that we should add to this list Read full article »


Today's focus was on reducing and reusing paper. I feel our class already does a really fantastic job of using both sides of the paper, using our Learning Journals for all of our visual thinking, and using scraps for projects and voting slips. On the unlikely occasions we use additional paper,  I became curious about the paper that goes into our printers. Go to Read full article »


Next week, we are gearing up for NO IMPACT WEEK. It will be a full week where we focus on one thing each day leading up to Earth Day to help spread awareness about how our actions affect the Earth and what we can do to help protect it. MONDAY: Well-Being and Random Acts of Kindness TUESDAY: Reducing and Reusing Paper WEDNESDAY: Reducing the Read full article »

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Literacy this year will involve: Thinking like an author, book clubs, genre studies, creating or maintaining a passion for reading, reading responses, developing effective communication skills, planning presentations, using appropriate resources, developing interesting vocabulary, enriching voice, finding purpose within reading and writing, and integrating IT skills.


Numeracy this year will revolve around: Core concepts from Investigations and Erma Andersen, Marcy Cook critical thinking and exploratory games, inquiry-based projects and integrating IT skills.

Units of Inquiry

Our units this year will include: Learning to Learn Together: Creating a Classroom Community, Media Literacy, Migration, Child Rights and Thinking Like a Scientist.