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Community-Building Activities

Welcome to the first post written by the Ravenclaws! Free Seating by Alex and Sara Free seating is a good idea. Free seating is when you get to sit where ever you want. Everyday, we are encouraged to sit in a new spot with new people. We get to meet new people and sooner or later we will know the whole class. Read full article »


What is gratitude? As students inquired this week, they discovered that gratitude means something they are grateful or thankful for; something that they appreciate very much. Gratitude was our Word of the Week this week because it is often over holidays that we recognize how very fortunate we are and we take some time to reflect on the things that Read full article »

The Big Question: What’s The Earth Worth?

Here are some videos that have to do with  the Earth and how we can make the life on earth and us prosper. Here are also some questions to think about and how we impact the world. This is about what Nature is Worth: This is how plastic can be made in to a sustainable resource: This is if the earth can feed a population Read full article »

The Egg Drop Challenge

4th grade is starting a new unit. Our new unit is "Scientific Process". The day we first started this unit we had a challenge which was the Egg Drop Challenge. Our class had to bring in recycled materials to help our egg survive falling off the 4th floor. Most of the Snow Leopards brought in materials like bubble rap, cotton Read full article »


In class we have bin talking about reusing, reducing and recycling since it was No Impact Week. We even came up with two more R's: research and rethink.  We had this project called the egg drop and we had to make a contraption with reuseable stuff that we had at home and drop it off the 4th floor of the school Read full article »

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Literacy this year will involve: Thinking like an author, book clubs, genre studies, creating or maintaining a passion for reading, reading responses, developing effective communication skills, planning presentations, using appropriate resources, developing interesting vocabulary, enriching voice, finding purpose within reading and writing, and integrating IT skills.


Numeracy this year will revolve around: Core concepts from Investigations and Erma Andersen, Marcy Cook critical thinking and exploratory games, inquiry-based projects and integrating IT skills.

Units of Inquiry

Our units this year will include: Learning to Learn Together: Creating a Classroom Community, Media Literacy, Migration, Child Rights and Thinking Like a Scientist.