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Data Analysis

Ravenclaws, please use this source for your earthquake data analysis this week. Use this source for paper airplanes if you find it difficult to create your own from scratch. Read full article »

More Toothpick Puzzles!

Read full article »

10,000 Projects

Lots of work went into our latest inquiry: the 10,000 Project! We put in our best efforts to show 10,000 by being accurate, using efficient strategies and sharing logical explanations. Some of us may have been nervous to present, but we had a ton of fun! Check out the link to our photos and read our reflections below:   Read full article »

Reliable Site For Math Practice

Check out Thinking Blocks, an online opportunity for modeling and solving word problems. This fits perfectly with one of the math practices that mathematicians use to become better mathematicians: Model with Math! Thanks to Roshni and her mom for the suggestion! Read full article »

Product Game

Play the Product Game to increase your understanding of multiplication, reasoning and strategy. Find it HERE and have fun! Read full article »

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Literacy this year will involve: Thinking like an author, book clubs, genre studies, creating or maintaining a passion for reading, reading responses, developing effective communication skills, planning presentations, using appropriate resources, developing interesting vocabulary, enriching voice, finding purpose within reading and writing, and integrating IT skills.


Numeracy this year will revolve around: Core concepts from Investigations and Erma Andersen, Marcy Cook critical thinking and exploratory games, inquiry-based projects and integrating IT skills.

Units of Inquiry

Our units this year will include: Learning to Learn Together: Creating a Classroom Community, Media Literacy, Migration, Child Rights and Thinking Like a Scientist.