Dress Up Day on Thursday!

This Thursday, November 26, it’s DRESS UP DAY!

Theme: Dress up as any teacher (yikes!)
Cost: 50 pesos (please give money to classroom teacher)
Reason: to raise money for environmental projects around the school

I encourage all students to be daring and dress up as a teacher to raise money for a good cause! Should be an interesting day…

Weekend Buzz

This weekend, ask your child about:

* the My Zoo presentation on Tuesday (What animals did you see? What was the message from the My Zoo volunteers? Why were these animals being discussed?)
* regrouping in addition (What does it mean to regroup? How can we “prove” our thinking?); try making your own spinner to practice multi-digit addition
* the invention he/she is studying about (Why did you choose it? What information will you find out? How is the invention important to us? What might it be like in the future?)
* the way we brainstromed our interview questions (Time to start asking our relatives!)
* the guest reader we had this week in the CMC
* what’s happening in our read-aloud: Charlotte’s Web

Enjoy a few photos from the Blast to the Past Rotations and have a great weekend!

Weekend Buzz Will Now Be Posted on the Blog

Dear families,

Starting this week, I will be posting the weekly emails I send home on this blog. I hope the information will continue to spark conversation at home and keep you informed of our learning at school!

NEWSFLASH***Grade Two Begins to Blog***NEWSFLASH

Welcome to Mrs. Patterson’s NEW blog site. We will be using this blog to communicate in emergency situations. Stay tuned . . .

Hello world!

Welcome to ISM-Online!. Welcome back! Hope you had a great summer, let’s get started.

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Literacy this year will involve: Thinking like an author, book clubs, genre studies, creating or maintaining a passion for reading, reading responses, developing effective communication skills, planning presentations, using appropriate resources, developing interesting vocabulary, enriching voice, finding purpose within reading and writing, and integrating IT skills.


Numeracy this year will revolve around: Core concepts from Investigations and Erma Andersen, Marcy Cook critical thinking and exploratory games, inquiry-based projects and integrating IT skills.

Units of Inquiry

Our units this year will include: Learning to Learn Together: Creating a Classroom Community, Media Literacy, Migration, Child Rights and Thinking Like a Scientist.